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Endorse the OppScore

Take Just 30 Seconds to Demand that Your Legislators Take a Brief Survey to Expose Their True Agendas: Are They Working FOR You or AGAINST You?

The OppScore from GOUSA is the very first universal, non-partisan political rating system that uncovers the true agendas of elected officials in America - and exposes fraud, corruption and self-serving interests wherever it exists.  Think of it as a "Rotten Tomatoes" or "Yelp" rating for politicians that will change politics forever in America.

Please take a brief moment to endorse the OppScore and demand your legislators take the Voter Opportunity Pledge and the OppScore® Survey to show where they stand on the critical issues that the majority of voters care about the most.  When you endorse, your Congressional Representative and both Senators will automatically be sent the pledge and survey to complete - and used to create their OppScore ratings.

If you support making our elected officials fully accountable to the American voters 365 days/year, please complete the petition form on this page. It takes just 30 seconds of your time.

Thank You in Advance for your endorsement of the OppScore to hold our elected officials 100% accountable - and determine who needs to be fired (voted out) and replaced with Pro-USA legislators who will work for YOU.